Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's My Job-Don't Take It Personally

May 3, 2012

Dear Whom It may concern but mostly family and friends,

Things for us are moving forward-a little better than a snails pace-and there is a light at the end of the (first) tunnel.  We are hoping/expecting/praying to travel around September and hoping/praying/expecting to complete our adoptions before winter.

Now our family has the task of raising the additional $25,000 ransom to be able to afford to bring our children home.  That means $25,000 before September.  May.  June.  July.  August.  Four months.  $25,000.

This, from my human perspective looks almost a little impossible BUT nothing is impossible to God.  At the beginning of this journey I felt like God was saying to me "Don't worry-I will provide.  You do your part and I will provide."  AND HE HAS!  It is like God is giving the finances that we need to us like He is giving us Manna- just enough for what we need for today-no more, no less.

He is doing His part.  So what is my part?  My part is do to all of the paperwork, and appointments, and emails, and paperwork and paperwork-oh did I mention the paperwork?  But also my part is to tell our story to anyone who will listen.  Why?  Why bother people with our journey-after all, this is our decision- not yours.

Well first it is to make awareness of what is truly happening to these precious children.  These are the neediest members of our society-the ones that God commands us to care about and to care for.  These are the children being locked away, hidden from sight, all because they were born special.

It is also to tell people how the Lord is providing every penny that we need.  We in no way have the estimated $40,000 laying around to complete this assignment.  Frankly, I don't even think I know anybody who does have this kind of ransom in their bank accounts.  Let me tell you from the top of my lungs that HE IS PROVIDING!

It is also to lead by example.  If we, a family of five, living mostly paycheck to paycheck, on one income, are able to bring these children home, then maybe it is possible for you too.

It is my job to do these things and to give all of the Glory To God.  It is His job to burden your heart for our cause and the cause of these children.

You see, I used to pray "Dear Lord break my heart for what breaks yours."  Let me now caution anyone who is thinking about praying this.  God will mess up your life.  Once your heart is broken for what breaks His there is no going back.  That is why after my children are home I am going to do this all over again-for the next child and then the next child and then the next . . .
We can't save every single one, but together, we can save one at a time.

Each day He breaks my heart all over again and more than the day before.  That is why my priorities have shifted.  My priority, my cause, my calling is to help get these children in loving homes where they will hear about how very much their Heavenly Father loves them and never forgot them.

So, everytime I post on my blog, or on Facebook, or mail you fundraisers, or change the conversation or "Yell from the mountain tops" for these children-please, please don't get mad or upset or frustrated or get tired of hearing about it.  Please do not ever think that all I want is money from you.  Please . .

That is unless God wants you to.